The parishioners of Saint Patrick seek to continue the presence of Jesus Christ in this community, as they have since 1858.  As part of the National West Washington Historic District and across the street from historic Saint Patrick Church, we encourage an awareness of history among our younger generations - where we have come from, in order to realize more fully where we want to go today. 

Our faithful parishioners who have sustained us through the years;

Married couples and their children, who want to thank God for their blessings by actively celebrating Eucharist and who seek to deepen their own and their family's spirituality;

Couples seeking to repare for the celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony;

Single people who seek deeper commitment to their vocations or careers, those involved in on-going relationships seeking permanence, and those wo seek self-acceptance and support in their journey of discovery.


The "subsequent generations" of our parishioners - chldren, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and their spouses;

Catholics who have not been in church for a while, for whatever reason;

People of good will of any creed or none, who sincerely seek "the fullness of life" which Jesus promised.

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 Parish Office

(Mailing Address)           331 S. Scott Street                   South Bend, IN 46601                    (in St. Hedwig Rectory)   

Phone 574 287-8932

Office Email:  r.burns.churchoffice@gmail.com

St. Patrick Pray For Us.  

  THE PARISH OFFICE HOURS:            Monday - Friday                  9am -12pm  &   1pm-4pm   OFFICE CLOSED NOON -1 PM

Our Lady of Fatima Rosary May 15th begins at 12 Noon in outside in front of St. Patrick's Church.  Please bring your own rosary.

1. Six feet distance between individuals or family units before, after, and throughout the liturgy, including the parking lot. 

2. Every other pew must be unoccupied. Bishop Rhoades stated all congregants (except for little children and those who would have trouble breathing) must wear face masks or coverings.  Please bring your own mask.

3. Do not crowd any bathroom areas or entrances/exits.

4. Communion will be distributed by the priest behind the screen. 

Blue tape marks areas for the communion line.  Please not sit in the pews taped off


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